Cape Cod

Colombo's Cafe & Pastries
Restaurant in Hyannis Massachusetts

Colombo's Cafe & Pastries Restaurant in Hyannis 544 Main Street, Hyannis

The name “Colombo” is the Italian form of “Colomba” the latin word for “dove”, which is the “Bird of Peace”. It is in the spirit of peace that friends and family gather to celebrate the everyday occurrences that touch our lives. Great food, drink and conversations are the cornerstones for the sharing of these convivial, day-to-day passions. Colombo’s Cafe & Pastries stands for the beloved concept born in Italy of the “gathering place”... truly a place that “welcomes everyone, everyday… at any time” translating as “Benvenuti a tutti” in Italian, whereby the tried and true, centuries-old tradition of “all are welcome” prevails.
Phone: 5087905700